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Shape Up Chiropractic Rehabilitation & Fitness Training
Specializing In Chronic Neck & Back Pain

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The term Chiropractic means “to practice with hands.” Within a Chiropractic treatment, a variety of treatment techniques and modalities can be used such and soft tissue work, exercises prescription, EMS, Ultra sound and Adjustments.

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Exercise & Golf

Exercise & Golf

We all can agree that exercise is a vital component of a health life. Some common questions are: How much exercise is right for me? How intense should I exercise? What are the best exercises for my activity or lifestyle? Let us design a program for your needs.

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Nutrition Plans

Nutrition Plans

Nutrition is a vital component to great health. Having a balanced diet has a dramatic effect on a person’s well being. The problem lies within finding time to plan, make and eat meals that are nutritious and take good. Let us create a plan for you to achieve optimal health.

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Client Testimonials

We believe what sets us apart is that we take the time and care to get to the source of your ailment. When you visit us the first thing you notice is we are not patient mill but rather a true care organization and you feel this as soon as walk through our door.

Dean S.

I have been with Dr. Steve since 2002, because well, he is simply amazing. Not your typical chiropractor. I had a C7/T1 herniated disk (in my neck) and I couldn't even lift a bag of groceries and I was in extreme pain all the time...

Jonathon R.

Professional Athelete

I dropped 8 strokes off my golf game after he helped me with my swing. I am forever greatful to Dr. Hutchins.

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Our Staff Members

Our staff members are certified and experienced in the Chiropractic field. We are happy to have them all on board.

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Almond Flour, Not All Flours Are Created Equal

July 14, 2019 - Nutrition

The most common flour many of us have grown up with is whole white wheat flour. In recent years, things such as gluten intolerance and glycemic loading have become a problem associated with this flour. Recently, almond flour has appeared as a […]

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Frying Without Guilt

July 9, 2019 - Nutrition

Most people like the crunchiness of fried foods. The problem with cooking it is the high caloric value as well as the frying oil can be a mess. I discovered not too long ago an air fryer. Yes that’s right, a cooker […]

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The Best Exercise For Your Body’s Core

May 5, 2017 - Fitness

There is so much information circulating about how to stay fit and strong. In recent years, the exercise community has focused on what is called the “core”. The core is made up of many muscles around the midsection. Ab muscles such as […]

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